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Are you looking for a reliable place online to buy the best Marijuana products? Kingston Flavours is here to serve you. Browse our products and place your order with all confidence.

Freshest Buds
We have the reputation of providing the best of fresh buds on the market. Our fresh buds are harvested after order and delivered as raw as harvested.
Quality Guaranteed
All our products are subject to an extensive process of quality control and conservation. You are assured of getting the best quality of your order from kingston Flavours.
Same Day Service
All clients in Canada and USA benefit from same day delivery for most orders. worst case scenario takes less than 48 hours for you to get your order.

A warm Welcome to Kingston Flavours

Over the years governments around the world including Canada and USA have legalized medical cannabis in limited High CBD Low THC Oil forms. Kingston Flavours has put in place a legal marijuana dispensary to provide the public with with best and legal medicinal marijuana products.

As the marijuana laws evolve, access may be legal to products made from a wide variety of strains, including numerous types of Indica, Sativa, and Hybrids. Therefore selections of THC & CBD Oils for vape pens, capsules, topicals, tinctures, bud or flower, edibles, and patches may become available for medical purposes. Marijuana edibles in Kingston Flavours dispensaries as well as vaporizer pens and cartridges are sure to be patient favorites as they are an alternative to smoking weed.

Kingston Flavours has taken necessary measures to provide high quality products with expert advice on appropriate dosage. 12 years of experience selling and shipping marijuana within the US and Canada and so many other countries around the globe. We have eliminated a whole lot of draw backs involved in the process of purchasing this products and getting them shipped. Today we are proud have one of the best online purchasing process the webspace has.

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Same Day Service
Resealable Patckaging
Ultimate Fresh
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